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Semper Intenti



In this ever changing society of ours, it pays to be constantly vigilant .

Nobody wants to admit that there are dishonest people, or a shady business, but we have a responsibility to protect ourselves.

President Reagan once said, “Trust, but verify.”


Always good advice.


Available Services


Legal Process Server:

Reliable service in the DFW metro area and surrounding counties. Special rates for Parker, Palo Pinto, and Wise Counties.

Mobile Notary Service:

Serving North Texas,  24/7 mobile service.

Missing Persons:

Locate friends or family that are absent from your life. Locate personnel involved in legal actions. Locate witnesses. Skip Tracing. Due diligence searches. 

Find Records:

Locate birth, death, marriage or divorce records. Court records, criminal, and civil. Retrieve corporate records. 

Find Property:

Locate assets of personnel involved in legal proceedings.  

Discreet Intelligence Gathering:

Personal or corporate surveillance. Mobile or stationary. 

Motor Vehicles:

Determine vehicle ownership, find current and historical registrations, Obtain driving record. Determine current market value of vehicles. 

Background Checks:

Date verification or premarital checks. Background information on renters, prospective jurors, and potential business partners. Check history of in home contract service personnel such as Nannies, Personal Assistants, House Repair Personnel, and Day Care Providers. 

Social Media:

Locate, identify and analyze multiple social media channels.


Identify and confirm previous employment and education. 

Answer questions:

Internet searches. Tax information, . Business and social ties. Historical research. Stock ownership. 

Risk Management:

Identify potential risks. Identify documents/sources of potential fraud. Identify corporate relationships. 


Identify UCC filings. Identify stock ownership. Research overseas litigation. Retrieve and analyze nonprofit financial filings.


Identify professional licenses. Determine prior disciplinary records for professional licenses.


Find records. Analyze state and federal financial contributions. Analyze state lobbyist records. Identify potential whistle blowers. 


Vet expert witnesses. Interview industry sources. Gather competitive intelligence. Identify related party business transactions. 

Additional Services:

Executive/VIP/Individual Personal Protection

Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Training, PPCT SHARPS Certified Instructor

Certified Pepper Spray Instructor

Basic Firearms Instruction